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Designated Survivor season 3: watch the trailer

President Kirkman’s election campaign’s realities are exposed in the first full trailer for Designated Survivor season three. As explained in more detail below, the new episodes see the once-unprepared leader face up to the fact that he may have to fight dirty if he wants to keep his seat in the Oval Office. Watch the video below.

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A word from Kiefer Sutherland on Designated Survivor Season 3 on Netflix, via Twitter

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  • I am a Canadian citizen living in Toronto. I follow Mr. Sutherland’s work on television.

    Please let Mr. Sutherland know if he is not already aware, that the Designated Survivor storyline regarding ethnic targeting of a bioweapon actually now has some basis in fact. Please see this news story from Cambridge University in England. Thank you

    World must prepare for biological weapons that target ethnic groups based on genetics, says Cambridge University.

  • I seriously love your work.

  • Avatar John-Paul Morris on

    Hi There

    I have been eagerly waiting for the next season of Designated Surviver and I have not just read that it has been scrapped and cancelled. Please tell me this is not true???? this is a great programme.

  • Mr. Sutherland,

    I have followed your acting since the release of “24” series in which you featured as Jack Bauer. Most recently, I admired the way you portrayed President Kirkman on Designated Survivor.
    Film has greatly impacted my career goals and I wanted you to know that you have been a huge influence to my pursuit for a career in government relations and communications.
    I am at the beginner level of this journey, especially learning to communicate better in the English language.

    Thank you again, for being impactful through your acting.
    I appreciate you.

    Vivian Kobusingye Birchall

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