Kiefer Sutherland Reaches #1 in the Candadian Music Charts!


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To whoever put us at Number 1 in the Canadian Country Charts, I don’t have the words, so thank you will have to do….Thank you!

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Kiefer Sutherland’s North America Music Tour has been a spectacular success, with resoundingly consistent positive feedback and an outpouring of love from his fan-base, it only takes a little searching to see how kind and respectful they are to each other, accommodating and inviting, and how responsive they have been to Kiefer’s openness; both musically and in terms of taking photos, meet and greets; things that Kiefer’s awesome fans have proven, time and again, they appreciate to a priceless extent:


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  • He deserve all this. He is awesome. And i consider myself so lucky to have been to his recent concert in Italy. The band is so talented, too…I arealdy bought ticket for his concert in Bern next october and i cant really wait. Keep it up, Kiefer!!! Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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