Designated Survivor Season 3

Kiefer Sutherland

“Designated Survivor” is officially moving from ABC to Netflix for its third season.

The political drama starring Kiefer Sutherland was cancelled by ABC back in May, but rumors began to swirl almost immediately that series producer eOne were looking to continue the show with the streaming giant. Neal Baer will join the series as showrunner for the third season, which will consist of 10 episodes. Baer will now be the fifth showrunner on “Designated Survivor” since it began.

In the new season,  President Kirkman (Sutherland) will face a political reality–campaigning. What does it take to make a leader? What price will he be willing to pay? This season will explore today’s world of campaigning, smear tactics, debates, campaign finance and “fake news.”

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to play President Kirkman for season 3 of ‘Designated Survivor’ with Netflix, eOne and Neal Baer,” Sutherland said. “I believe this format will allow us to continue to delve deeply into storylines and issues concerning the American electorate that were not previously possible.”


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  • You have just given me a wonderful Christmas present. I was furious when I heard of the cancellation and have been watching re-runs ever since. I have personally boycotted ABC out of anger. It will be great to see the continuing saga of President Kirkman once more.

  • I’m excited for the new season! I actually prefer Netflix over network TV, anyway, because I work late and can’t always watch shows when they first air. I love all your work…movies, TV, and music. You are truly gifted. 😊

  • So happy that Designated Survivor is continuing, I have loved this series and Kiefer as always is amazing in it. Cant wait to binge watch it in 2019 thank you Netflix x

  • Hello, while skimming through Netflix last night I found Designated Survivor and now I’m hooked! I’m sure I’ll be binge watching this for the next week. I’m 51 and grew up watching Keifer in Lost Boys and several other awesome films, he’s always fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  • I’m delighted with the third series of Disegnated survivor. I often watch the two series, they are compelling and I congratulate the whole cast, but above all the great Kiefer. Extraordinary interpreter of a president we would all like to have! I hope to see soon on Netflix.

  • That’s great! I was in withdrawal after the finales of West Wing and House of Cards.

  • Excellent-so glad DS and of course Kiefer will be back!

  • Fantastic news. The show was too sophisticated and controversial for ABC. Congratulations to Kiefer and the crew.

  • Wow, best news ever! Can’t wait to see Season 3 and Kiefer as President Kirkman!

  • Great News for 2019! I couldn’t believe the network canceled the show. I’m looking forward to season three and happy that it will continue, maybe into more seasons! Also, make sure to see Kiefer when he goes on tour, it’s a great show.

  • I am so happy to see the show continued! Glad I will see more of Kiefer!

  • Yay! So glad Designated will be back! Looking forward to seeing it on Netflix.

  • Avatar Elizabeth Williams on

    I have been watching Kiefer since “24” I’m his biggest fan since then. I love Designated Survivor also. In 2017 I went to his
    concert in Alexandria, Virginia, taking a few ladies with me! I waited after to get an autograph but our taxi came before he
    came out. I did buy one of his T-shirts!! Love him!!!
    P.S. didn’t know he had a band and could sing! Go Kiefer!!!!

  • Thank you Kieffer for let us following you …

  • News that I already knew … I hope you can see soon, because the curiosity to see the great Kiefer at work is a lot! W Designated Survivor

  • Avatar Christine Newland on

    My husband and I watched every episode of Designated Survivor and were shocked to hear it was cancelled. We were very happy to hear that public outcry led to it being reinstated! Has it already started? I heard that it would commence in the Fall. We have been looking for it but have not as yet found it. Thank you Kiefer! We love all of your movies and TV shows so much!

  • Avatar Christine Newland on

    My husband and I watched every episode of Designated Survivor and were shocked to hear it was cancelled. We were very happy to hear that public outcry led to it being reinstated! Thank you Kiefer! We love all of your movies and TV shows so much!

  • Looking forward to the stories

  • Happy to be able to enjoy a great show like Designated Survivor and to watch my ALL Time Actor. You are a great musician as well.

  • Kiefer,
    I am a huge fan of you and everything you do. Though I had no idea you are also a musician. What a nice surprise! I just watched all your music videos. I love your voice!
    Almost 10 years ago I got completely obsessed with the show 24, and you. I was a brand new mom, and at night I would binge hard core on Jack Bauer. So bad that my husband got a little mad at times when I would not go to bed to watch you until 1-2 am. I will tell you what, the next day was rough with little sleep and a newborn.Totally worth it though! Now while waiting for a new season of Designated Survivor I find myself again spending sleepless nights with Jack Bauer. LOL! I can’t believe almost 10 years and it has not lost its excitement. Thank God kids are older now, yeah I had another child after all, probably at a night when I did not watch 24. Haha. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that I love you and your work. That 24 is my favorite show with a tremendous production, actor (s), plots ….hmm that President Logan on Season 5 reminds me of someone … it is like someone read our future. I will continue following your career, and I wish you all the best in life. Thank you for the hours of entertainment.

    P.S. Tell your father he does not need to be jealous. He says we, in the NEK of Vermont, just know him as Kiefer’s dad. Not true at all. He is a great actor. After all “the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

    Much love from NEK Vermont,


  • I as the rest of the world very excited to hear that the show is returning. I actually started to rewatch. I as well grew up with lost boys. Flat liners. 24. All of his movies and shows. I will one day get to one of your concerts. Keifer from a fellow a Canadian to another welcome back. Bring on Season 3.

  • Avatar Isabelle from France on

    Congratulations, I was absolutely thrilled when I heard the news! I deeply care about the show since day one. We all hope that our leaders had strong positive values as Tom Kirkman. Such will surely restore our faith.
    Celebrating the good news by watching again the series on Netflix.
    Wish you the best for the new season.

  • We are waiting in France on NETFLIX with impatience this third season with the hope that it will end up apotheosis which unfortunately does not have the case for too much serie us on netflix thank you Cher Kiffer on the part of a fan of your music from your career what Family the shuderland again thank you.
    Nous attendons en France sur NETFLIX avec impatience cette troisième saison avec l’espoir qu’elle se finira en apothéose ce qui malheureusement n’ait pas le cas pour beaucoup trop de série us sur netflix merci Cher Kiffer de la part d’un fan de votre musique de votre carrière quelle Famille les shuderland encore merci

  • how much longer do we have to wait to finally shake Kiefer in Designated survivor? I miss him so much…

  • There are 24 comments about designated Survivor. Get it ?

  • My husband and I LOVE Designated Survivor!!! I have to say that I was shocked that it was cancelled! The ratings could not possibly have been low enough to warrant cancelling such an exciting series. Kiefer is an extraordinary actor and the rest of the cast is also awesome! I was so thrilled to find out that it will continue on in Netflix!! At least they pay attention to what the fans want. Thanks NETFLIX and thank YOU Kiefer Sutherland!
    I am also a huge fan of Kiefer’s song-writing and singing! He told me how much he loves music and performing and it shows! I hope some day that somebody will ask him to do a series about a singer/song-writer on the road! I feel very blessed to have met Kiefer in person. I am a professional cellist and hope one day write a cello chart for one of his brilliant songs and maybe even get to play it with his band at one of his shows perhaps here in London or nearby Stratford, Ontario. That is what I do. 🙂
    All the best to you Kiefer. You are awesome!!!

  • Avatar Cassie Lightstar on

    I wish I could snag the reality stone from Thanks because President Tom Kirkman would be a reality.

  • Loved Season 3 – great work! Thoughtful, relevant, timely. I especially liked the inclusion of real people about real issues. This made me think about Season 4 and what might be an interesting/novel approach given the 2020 elections. Imagine, that instead of releasing all episodes at once, you release them weekly and accompany each episodes with an on-line live interactions with voters. More specifically – you (or a collaborator) – would go on-line (youtube/web site) and host a panel discussion on an issue that is to be discussed in the upcoming episode. Then a follow-up on-line interactive performance engaging audience members. Nothing else like it. I’m interested in working through this if interested.

    Again, great show. Thank you for focusing on meaningful drama impacting all of us in these existentially fragile times!

    A fellow Canadian with American work experience,

  • I loved season 1 and 2 and I am enjoying plot of season 3 but I am disappointed in the added swear words. The show was already good why add swear words. Swear words dont add to a show quality. How about taking out the swear words!

  • Season one and two ROCKED!! Season 3 not so much. WTH were these writers thinking? They certainly forgot to add in the drama, come on Netflix what gives? You took an awesome series and killed it. Maybe if you would have done more that TEN LOUSY episodes it could have stood a chance. When episode 10 ended I was looking for the button to click next episode, I thought NO WAY this cannot be over ALREADY. So thanks for all the hype and getting us all geared up for season 3, you did nothing but stick a pin in my balloon.
    PS- STUPID decision to kill off Hannah Well’s!!!!
    PSS- Enough language @#*%$ already!!!

  • I saw the last season of designated survivors, an excellent job, you faced the actual problems of real life. It should be noted that you had a lower budget, but the result was more than excellent. Magnificent actors and an extraordinary Kiefer Sutherland. I await with curiosity and joy the fourth season, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh …

  • I’ve always enjoyed watching movies and dramas starring Kiefer! I’m binge watching Designated Survivor. When ABC dropped the show, I was so disappointed, SO NetFlix to the rescue! I thoroughly enjoy a good drama that when the episode is over I think to myself, “I really didn’t see THAT coming”. Designated Survivor is THAT type of drama and keeps me hooked. I appreciate how the writers and producers incorporate the political issues/events of today within the show. Thank you Kiefer and everyone involved in developing/writing/producing Designated Survivor! You keep it engaging, relevant, and interesting. Kiefer Sutherland is one of my all-time favorite actors and I look forward to binge watching Season 3!

  • Avatar Sparrow Wheaton on

    I enjoyed the first two seasons of Designated Survivor. Although season 3 is equally dramatic and cleverly written, Netflix has introduced unnecessary language and sex. It has been very distracting and doesn’t add relevant information. Still a fan!

  • I have no idea if Mr. Sutherland reads these, but here goes.

    I enjoyed season 3 of designated survivor also. I was put-off, as were some other people have stated, with all the swearing. Especially the use of the word F*ck. I know being on Netflix allows you more freedom than broadcast television, but just because you can, does not mean you should. I have worked in a professional workplace for 45 years. I can assure you that people really do not talk like that. I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, I have personally thrown out the occasional F*ck myself.

    In episode 8, the first three lines included the word f*ck (ok, one of the was motherf*cker, but it still counts). In situations where it may be appropriate, such as someone hitting their thumb with a hammer, use the word. Otherwise, it is simp[ly a distraction.

  • I am so happy with this

  • It appears there will not be a season 4? I understand that season 3 was a bit different than season 1 & 2. However, this show had some real promise! I have not watched the entire 3rd season so if he get elected as president and he is no longer the designated survivor – change the title of the show

  • i real love this movie
    need same assistance any one who can promote my movie scripts am writing or market

  • Big Kiefer fan. Is there going to be a season 4? BTW, always been a fan of Jude Coles music…Baby it’s tonight!

  • I just binge watched all 3 season of this show and loved it. I now only wish I could see what happens next. This was an amazing show and I truly loved the character of President Kirkman. A new season 4 is a far fetched wish I am afraid. Bummer

  • I managed to watch season 1 and 2 but i have tried to download season 3 of D S. i have failed , is there any link i can follow to get it ?

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